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Should these guys get paid?

The bio for South Carolina defensive end read Devin Taylor reads, “Talented playmaker who exploded on the scene last fall... earned all-conference accolades as a sophomore... expected to raise his game to the next level after spending another season in the weight room... has made 19 career starts.”

After the YouTube commercial launched today by South Carolina, perhaps the bio should include, “Featured personality in pre-season commercial to boost ticket sales.”

Undoubtedly, Taylor participated in the video for free. South Carolina can’t pay him for his appearnace in the commercial. Yet, the university is using him to help boost season ticket sales.

At the least, it's an interesting subject to us.

Surely, South Carolina fans are eager to see Taylor, all 6'7 and 248 lbs, line up opposite of the nation's #1 recruit, Jadeveon Clowney.

South Carolina is the second school in recent weeks to use a star player in a commercial to boost ticket sales. USC did it a couple of weeks ago with quarterback Matt Barkley.

Should these players be compensated in any way for their appearances in these types of commercials?