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Skip Holtz heading 165 miles east with his team for camp


For the second consecutive year, Skip Holtz is opting to hold part of August camp away from campus.

South Florida will spend eleven days in Vero Beach, where the Los Angeles Dodgers host their spring training.

Holtz explained the decision, “It was a great experience for us last year coming there for the first time. There were a number of reasons why. It is a zero-distraction place for our staff and our team.”

“When I say zero distractions, it's 100 percent football from the players rooming together to eating their meals together to sitting in meetings together. We're together 24-7.”

“The other thing is it's so convenient. The setup of the place with the dorms, the dining hall, the meeting rooms, the locker room and the practice fields are all pretty much within a 200-yard circle. And you've got 150 people living together for 11 days within 200 yards of each other, it will build some togetherness.”

“The combination of all of those things — I felt like we grew together when we there, we got better as a football team and I felt that was invaluable to the success we were able to have last year."

South Florida opens at Notre Dame on September 3. After returning from South Bend, the Bulls will host Ball State, FAMU, and UTEP.