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Skip Holtz pretty blunt after 5 turnovers & 16 penalties

South Florida held a scrimmage on Saturday. Following 5 turnovers and 16 penalties, Skip Holtz started his post-practice media session with, “You had to be a football enthusiast to enjoy that.”

Holtz said, "It was ugly to watch."

“Right now, we’re not playing base defense. I don’t mean this negative, but we’re not good enough to play base defense. That’s why we’re doing what we’re doing. We’re not good enough to play base defense and hold a gap. We’ve got to create confusion.”

“Move, twist, stunt, stand up, drop, zone, blitz, man…that’s what we’re going to have to do to be good.”

On the flip side, Holtz continues to worry about the Bulls’ ability to throw it and catch it.

“Offensively, I worry if we can run it against a good team that runs base. It’s hard for us in turn to get that because that’s not what we do defensively. Same thing, it’s hard for us to get a really good feel for the secondary because we can’t challenge them offensively. We don’t throw it and catch it well enough.”

Translation…Dr. Lou reminded Skip to tell the media how God awful his team is performing. South Florida travels to South Bend to play the Irish in 5 months. It's the season-opener for both teams.

Who will Dr. Lou pick? Do you care?