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Smart decision: Luke Fickell setting his way with the media

Ohio State interim head coach Luke Fickell is setting his way with the media.

Fickell is making a point to avoid talking about any individuals, something that Ohio State has seemed to be about in the last couple of years.

Following practice on Monday, a reporter asked about which players were standing out thus far in camp.

Fickell responded, “We’re going to continue to focus on the team. I don’t know that I’m going to point out any one single guy. I think we have a bunch of guys that our going to step up and do their job. We’re going to continue to talk about it as a team, worry about the name on the front of the jersey instead of the back.”

And again, later on…

“We’re not trying to focus on any one person, any one player, any one coach, not about me. We’re just going to continue to talk about the team.”

From the outside, it seems like a smart decision, one that should help the Buckeyes.