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Sneak Peek: Notre Dame's 'Strong and True - Building Bonds'

After tossing the idea around for a few seasons and working out the logistics, Brian Kelly and his staff moved a few days of their fall camp off campus to nearby Shiloh Park.

The team not only got their practices in at Shiloh Park, but they also participated in some team bonding activities and other fun camp specific experiences. The camp experience was just as much about bonding and team building as it was about football, which is something that Kelly has been vocal about adding the past few seasons.

This trailer for the all access look at their time at camp, "Strong and True - Building Bonds" takes you inside their Shiloh Park camp experience both on the field and off, and looks like it's going to be well produced and full of good content.

Catch the full episode on August 24th at at 3pm ET on the NBC Sports Network.