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Sold! Arkansas State coaching auction goes for $11,700

The results are in, and Arkansas State's head-coach-for-a-day auction has gone for $11,700 to a bidder that is anonymous at this time.

The auction drew 58 bids over four days, rising from a starting price of $2,500. More valuable than the $11,700, though, is the marketing value that the Red Wolves' auction generated. Th e auction was picked up by nearly everymajorcollegefootball blog on the web.

The brainchild of new head coach Blake Anderson, Arkansas State will give the money to the Red Wolves Foundation to help fund the program. "This is a great way for us to raise money to help us function when a line item doesn't fit, as in needing a new computer or a bus to take us somewhere," Anderson told

The winner will don Red Wolves coaching gear and a head set and call plays for the defending Sun Belt champs. 

For the record, Arkansas State pays Anderson $700,000 to serve as the Red Wolves' real head coach for the other 364 days a year. 

Self-styled sports business expert Darren Rovell has more on the auction: 

Wouldn't we all love to have $12 grand to burn at 25?