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Some friendly staff competition at North Carolina

After answering some personal questions about himself, Walt Bell and Go Heels TV got down to the brass tacks.

When asked to impersonate coach Fedora in the weight room, Bell respectfully declined but added that Fedora has a lot of "mirror muscle" and is the type of guy that goes into the weight room with a mission. He gets into his routine, gets his work done, and gets out.

Bell also offered some insight on offensive coordinator Blake Anderson and his coaching trademarks, and impersonated a few of head strength coach Lou Hernandez's mannerisms and sayings.

Bell was also asked some that really made him think. Questions such as; who would win in a foot race between him and Fedora or a bench press competition with defensive coordinator Dan Disch, and who would win in a dance off between himself and Coach Hernandez?

That's staff chemistry at it's finest.