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Sonny Dykes explains why practice scuffles are productive

Spring ball practice means that players are finally getting out of the confines of the weight room and are able to fly around in game like situations for the first time in months. With the competitive juices flowing, many times players end up "getting into it" a little more than they do in the fall.

Sonny Dykes is from the school of thought that believes that players getting into it on occasion during practice is a good thing.

"We want it to be competitive, and when you're trying to creat as many competitive situations as you can there are going to be some guys that get mad at each other occasionally...and we'll live with that." Dykes explained after practice yesterday.

"We don't want it to happen too often, and we want guys to do a good job of taking care of each other, but we want the competitive juices to flow and we want guys competing against each other as hard as they possibly can every single day, so that's important to us."