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Sonny Dykes pleased with LA Tech scrimmage

LA Tech head coach Sonny Dykes led his team through the first scrimmage of fall camp on Wednesday night.

Dykes said, "This was the first time we went live. We went about 45 minutes and got in about 81 or 82 plays in that 45 minutes. The pace was fast and frantic. We missed some tackles, which you're going to do in your first scrimmage. We have to finish blocks better and little things like that. Overall, though, I thought it was a good day. We had one turnover in over 80 plays; I thought the offense did a good job of taking care of the ball.”

Defensive coordinator Tommy Spangler added, "I try not to get too up or down because it's never as good as you thought or as bad as you thought, it's probably somewhere in between. With the first day going to the ground, does it shock me we missed some tackles? No, we probably missed too many. But it's good sometimes to make those kind of mistakes so you can make a point of it and emphasize it even more. That's one of our big goals as a defense is that we have to tackle very well."

Spangler said, "You're going to miss some tackles throughout the course of a game but being a great defensive tackling football team is one of our main goals. I think that good defenses tackle well and poor defenses don't. In my opinion, a great run isn't the product of a great run; it is the product of poor tackling."

LA Tech will play Grambling State in Shreveport’s Independence Bowl Stadium to open the season.