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Sound bytes galore: Reporters in Morgantown enjoying Holgorsen

Reporters in Morgantown are enjoying talking with Dana Holgorsen.

You are going to get some worthy sound bytes, a little bit of Leach, and some sarcasm mixed in with humor.

Following Saturday’s practice, reporters spent nearly 17 minutes on the field asking questions to West Virginia’s offensive coordinator.

Here's one from Holgorsen...”I haven’t done anything with tight ends right now just cuz we don’t have any. If we had 3 tight ends laying around, we’d probably use a couple of tight end sets. Last year, we ran tight end sets about 5% of the time, but it’s hard to do that when you don’t have any.”

Or, when asked about his emphasis on body language…”We figured this out last year. It’s the difference between lethargic and vivacious. You’re looking for guys with bounce that have energy, that line up quick, that are anxious and alert, and are ready to make a play.”

Then, when asked how he can teach going against a 4-man front when all he sees during spring practice is the 3-3 stack…”You don’t. Right now, you just play football. Technique and assignment are way more important than obsessing over that. You’re asking the wrong guy if you think I’m worried about it.”

“That’s why you meet. We were able to meet a lot with them prior to spring. We went over a lot of the different fronts and calls. Then you get out here and you just play. You coach effort, you teach ‘em what it’s like in the red zone, you get really mad when they turn it over….just the things that are important in football.”

“You worry about that kind of stuff and not the stuff you can’t control.”

Over here at FootballScoop Headquarters, we must admit that Holgorsen is pretty entertaining. We'll try to keep you up to date.