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South Carolina players swinging 50-foot ropes

South Carolina strength coach Craig Fitzgerald has the Gamecocks swinging 50-foot ropes at the end of practice.

The rope exercise isn’t the only thing that is new during South Carolina training camp this year. The State writer Joseph Person writes, “Players are lifting every day during preseason camp — hourlong workouts consisting of 40 minutes of light weight work and 20 minutes of stretching.”

Spurrier says, “I hadn’t seen that one myself, either. I thought someone was supposed to get in the middle and start jumping. It’s sort of a heavy rope, and it really works your upper body. It tires the guys out.”

Wide receiver D.L. Moore says, “I’m pretty sure we’re the only people in (the) NCAA doing this workout. And it’s very tough. We’re just working. We’re just working our (butts) off right now.”

South Carolina hosts Southern Miss to open up the college football season on September 2nd.