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South Florida taking its spring game very seriously

Many programs take steps to turn their spring games into something similar to a fall Saturday instead of allowing it to be simply practice 15 of 15. However, few programs go to the depth South Florida has for spring game this Saturday.

First-year head coach Willie Taggart has split the team into Green and White squad, and then split the coaching staff accordingly. Defensive coordinator Chuck Bresnahan heads the Green team, while assistant head coach and defensive backs coach Ron Cooper leads the White. 

"It'll be fun. I've never done this before. The guys have never done this before," said Cooper.

Each team signed two free agents, while the rest of the roster was selected through a draft. That process included corruption, or at least accusations of corruption, lobbied at the Green team. 

"Little did they know, that was merely to get into their minds," said of the allegations he planted a phone in the White team's meeting room. "There was never a phone in the room. We let them believe there was a phone in the room and they all panicked including our PR guy who came out and told you guys about it. And the phone was never there so - success."

South Florida's public relations department has gotten in on the act, creating a promotional landing page mirroring that of a typical fall Saturday.

"It's fun but at the end of the day it's how guys work together and take what we've done in the previous 14 practices and finish off spring ball," said Bresnahan.