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Todd Monken introduced at Southern Miss, drops a few one-liners

After four days of searching, Southern Miss has caught Monken Mania. 

Southern Miss went back to the well that produced Jeff Bower and Larry Fedora, this time plucking Oklahoma State offensive coordinator Todd Monken to be the next Golden Eagles head coach. 

Though this will be his first head coaching job, we've written previously that Monken is a guy who really gets his profession. Tuesday, Monken explained why. He comes from the coaching family to end all coaching family, with his dad, four uncles, a brother and a cousin all working as head coaches throughout the high school and college ranks. 

Moken said he has spent 46 years preparing to be a head coach, and he has a clear vision for how his team will play. 

"We're going to try like heck to put the fun back in football," Monken said. "The days of telling your players 'because I said so' are over. To get your guys over there, it's got to be fun. They're going to work their butts off, but it's going to be fun."

"On offense, we're going to be no-huddle. Obviously that's why I got the job, because we scored," Monken said to a round of applause. Southern Miss finished the 2012 season ranked 110th nationally in scoring offense, producing just 19.7 points per game. 

"On defense, I think people are going to have to get used to the fact that spread offenses are going to move the ball," Monken continued. "There's too much space. We've got to get stops, create turnovers and affect the quarterback and make him miserable. That's how you win games."

As for special teams, Monken said, "It's hard to say you're going to be good on special teams and not play your best players. Everybody says they want to play in the NFL, and the easiest way to make an NFL roster is to play special teams."

True to form, Monken dropped a few one-liners on the assembled crowd in Hattiesburg.

On engaging in the community: "You're going to see us out there. My family and I like to have fun. We're social butterflies. If we're going to ask you to invest, you're going to see us out there."

On missing out on Oklahoma State's bowl game: "It's sad that I won't be there for (Oklahoma State players) but I'm the head coach at Southern Miss now and that's where my butt belongs."

On the differences between he and Larry Fedora: "Well we both like visors. He's got longer, darker hair and needs a little bit more gel."

On being Southern Miss' first choice: "Don't they have to say that? They're not going to come in here and say you were the eighth choice, for God's sakes."

On what he will say to recruits after last season's 0-12 finish: "It sure as hell beats 18 years of losing and one winning season. I'll tell them, 18 years of winning and one year of losing, that's still damn impressive."