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Spavital on Holgo: "He's putting in more Xboxes"

As CBSSports' Bruce Feldman points out, players and coaches have noticed some major (and welcomed) changes entering year two of the Dana Holgorsen era in Morgantown.

The addition of a few large murals, some Xboxes, a few flat screens, and some good old fashioned TLC went a long way.

Quarterback Geno Smith, who threw for 401 yards and 6 touchdowns in their Orange Bowl romp, has spent time this off season sitting down with defensive coordinator Joe DeForest to dissect film and learn how to look at a defense from a different persepective. "We talk about what he sees and what I see. That's something I'd never done before but it helps. I know I can trust him and he knows he can trust me."

Even the arrangement of the coaches offices has changed. No longer is the offense on one side of the building and the defense on the other, Holgorsen has mixed them all up. Just before they hosted Junior Day, some large Orange Bowl murals were added to the hallways between offices and meeting rooms. Director of football operations Alex Hammond, and quarterbacks coach Jake Spavital have noted that they have already paid huge dividends in recruiting.

As Spavital explains, "We have all these pictures of Pat White and Steve Slaton, which are good but you'd see pictures from the 2008 Fiesta Bowl everywhere. It was a good thing, but you can't live in the past forever. Dana's put the emphasis on these kids now. You'll see it go from Bruce Irvin to Will Clarke. He's trying to get the team to come around the office more. He's putting in more Xboxes. He doesn't want them to dread coming over here."

Even how coaches watch film has changed. Last year, Spavital had an ancient monster tube TV propped up on a filing cabinet to watch film on, this year it's film on HD flat screens and HD computers.

"He fixed what's most important to us, that's watching tape." Spavital added.