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Special teams were the difference for TCU

This past Saturday TCU strolled out to a 35-10 lead en route to a 38-28 win over BYU. 

TCU scored on the first possession of the game and was leading 14-10 at the end of the first quarter. That's when TCU's defense and special teams went to work. In the 2nd quarter, BYU's drives ended as follows: 

Turnover on downs


Blocked punt


Net punt of 16 yards

Missed a 50 yard FG at the half

Halftime score was 28-10.

In the game, BYU lined up to punt 4 times, and TCU turned each of those opportunities into seven points within 4 plays.

On their first punt attempt, BYU had a bad snap that led to a loss of over 30 yards, and two plays later TCU put it in the endzone. The second punt was partially blocked and only went 23 yards, which put TCU in great position for another touchdown three plays later. Punt number three went for a net of 16 yards and led to another touchdown two plays later. On the final punt of the night, BYU's punter fumbled the snap, and lost 15 yards...we bet you can guess the end result four plays later.

The BYU miscues account for 28 of TCU's 38 total points. The average length of TCU's 5 TD drives was 37 yards. TCU had a total of 8 other drives in the game. They were forced to punt on 7 of those, including after both BYU interceptions. Truly the special teams were the difference in the game.