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Spurrier again in rare form following Saturday practice

Spurrier was in rare form following Saturday's practice. Obviously, Spurrier feels a unique challenge of coaching Stephen Garcia.

Earlier in the week, we brought you "Classic Steve Spurrier." The Head Ball Coach may have one-upt it today. 

You can watch Spurrier’s post-practice media session from Saturday morning right here.

Vintage nonchalant Spurrier said, “Our quarterback play today was not very good. Quarterback (is) hesitant. Throw late, guy breaks open, they throw late, then it gets knock down. So anyway, we gotta get better quarterback play than what we had today. Other than that, receivers are running pretty good routes. We gotta get the ball to them better. Our guys just won’t throw the ball on time. They wait. They just wait. So anyway, we’ll work on it.”

“We’ll put out there the guy who we think is the best and ready the play. Right now I don’t know who that is. I don’t know what they think about all night. They need to get better. They simply need to get better.”

“They don’t know where ‘X’ is. They don’t know where this guy is. ‘Z’ is over here. It’s a challenge for me and Coach Mangus.” 

“No, it’s not surprising. A lot of things aren’t surprising around here.” 

South Carolina hosts Southern Miss on Thursday, September 2nd.