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Spurrier: All we know is we can play with 'em

Steve Spurrier knows the Gamecocks' game against Georgia is pivotal in the SEC Eastern division. 

Spurrier said today, “Hopefully this is first of a lot of big games this year for us.”

In recent years, the game has been close (41-37 UGA), (14-7 UGA), (South Carolina 16-12), (Georgia 18-0), (South Carolina 17-15). 

Spurrier explained, “Rehashing those games doesn’t do any good. We’re not going to dwell on that. All we know is we can play with ‘em. If we want to win, we know we got to play better. The prior games have no bearing on this one. We’re going to try to make more plays than Georgia on Saturday.”

“One thing that concerns us this week is special teams play. We need to make sure it’s pretty good. They can make some big plays.” 

“The quarterback that plays the best with the fewest mistakes will probably win it. We hope to get Connor in their in the first half again, I don’t know.” 

“Georgia is somewhat returning to what they did in the past. Run and play good defense.”

“I think our fans have been instrumental, for three quarter (last week) at least. I think we all almost went to sleep there in the fourth quarter. I think you gotta have feeling that good things are going to happen for you.”

Kick-off is set for 1 pm EST on ESPN 2.