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Spurrier, as only he can, reacts to latest suspension

In classic Steve Spurrier fashion, the South Carolina head coach addressed reporters following practice yesterday about Stephen Garcia’s latest suspension.

Spurrier's best line: "Ahh, we don't throw but 18-20 times a game anyway (smiling). As long as Marcus is back there..."

We recommend watching the 3 minute post-practice media session, but in case you’d rather read the transcript, here it goes:

Spurrier: As most of you know, Eric Hyman issued a statement today about Stephen Garcia. Basically, he had an issue that caused him to be suspended. It’s a university decision. The president, athletic director, and myself were all involved in the decision. He will be suspended from football activities the rest of the semester and his status will be determined at a later date. So that’s about all I need to say about it, so we’ll progress and move on from here.

Reporter: What did he do?

Spurrier: I’m sure you got some investigators. I’m sure you guys can investigate it out.

Reporter: He has said it was not alcohol related, not drug related, he was not arrested. This is what he said to reporters.

Spurrier: I’m not getting into details.

Reporter: Coach, do you want him back next season.

Spurrier: I’m not getting into details. The statement is there. That’s where we are right now. You guys can take it from there, which I’m sure you will.

Reporter: Steve, how frustrating is it for you?

Spurrier: Ahh, no, I’m not going to get into all that either. If he’s back, he’s back. If he’s not, it's really the same thing as a guy getting hurt or going pro or whatever. Players come and go, as we all know. This instant should never have happened, but it did, so this is where we are.

Reporter: Is there any limit to the number a suspension a guy can occur by a program?

Spurrier: You need to ask somebody else that, ok. You need to get your investigators. You know I’m not going to say anything.

As the post-practice media session was wrapping up, a reporter tried to sneak in one more question about Garcia’s reaction to the suspension.

Spurrier jogged off with some sweat black socks. Please watch.