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Spurrier obviously not pleased with a few local reporters

Spurrier is obviously not to pleased with some recent strong opinions from local reporters.

During his presser this morning:

(early on) “You know more about it than me.”

(middle of the presser) “I was going to ask you who to play at right guard this game. You know more about it than me.”

(later on) “I need some help from some of you sportswriters on who should play there.”

(towards the end) “I watch the quarterbacks. I know some of you don’t think so.”

Spurrier avoided naming a starting quarterback. He said, “We probably have an idea of who’s going to start. I generally play the older guys first. Usually if the older guys have played well during preseason, they’ll usually be in there to start the game. How long they’ll be in the game, I do know. I’ve never thought it was a big deal who started the game.”

“They’ll both (QB’s) play in the first-half. We don’t want to rotate series. I know some of you here know more about quarterbacks than I do, you’re not supposed to hurt their feelings…whatever.”

“I have found there is nothing wrong with playing two quarterbacks.”

Spurrier pointed about that he used a two-quarterback system during 4 of his 8 conference championships. He pointed out that Terry Dean, not Danny Wuerffel, was MVP of 1993 SEC championsip.

Part of the key for South Carolina, according to Spurrier, “We can’t keep going backwards. It’s been embarrassing. We’ve coached it as hard as we can. We’re trying to play smarter.” 

He added, “We’re not very deep in the O-Line especially. We’re thin in the O-Line, very thin.” 

South Carolina host Southern Miss on Thursday night. Kick-off is set for 7:30 pm EST on ESPN.