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Spurrier proposes $300 each per game for players

Today in Destin during the SEC meetings, Steve Spurrier proposed that college players should receive $300 per game.

Essentially, it would be for the travel squad or dress squad only. (The backup long-snapper will never have worked so hard to make the travel squad.)

So any player that made the travel squad for each of the twelve regular-season games would end up getting an extra $3,600 for the fall semester.

Spurrier said, "A bunch of us coaches felt so strongly about it that we would be willing to pay it — 70 guys, 300 bucks a game.”

“That's only $21,000 a game. I doubt it will get passed, but as coaches in the SEC, we make all the money — as do universities, television — and we need to get more to our players.”

Saban, Muschamp, Les Miles, Houston Nutt, Dan Mullen, and Derek Dooley each signed the proposal.

Spurrier added, "We would like to make that happen. Probably won't, but we'd love to do it."

At the least, Spurrier’s proposal will start a healthy dialogue amongst coaches, athletic directors, and conference commissioners.