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Spurrier: "What are you watchin them dudes for?"

At his press conference today, the head ball coach was explaining to the congregation that this week's opponent, East Carolina, is "pretty dang good."

Spurrier touted that this is basically "Mike Leach's offense" that East Carolina is running and you know what that means, "they go up and down the field every year against about anybody".

Spurrier noted that ECU's defense wasn't particularly good last season and that the rumor is they have moved to a 3-4 scheme. Spurrier added his offensive staff has been watching video of Air Force and BYU's defense because they believe that is who the ECU staff has learned the most from in implementing their new defense.

"So you say, 'What are you watchin them dudes for?' well that's because we think this is what they're going to look like."