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Spurrier talks changes at South Carolina

Spurrier answered questions during South Carolina media day.

Spurrier says a couple of things have changed this year. The players are more accountable, they are on time, and they won't be signing autographs as much during game weeks. 

“We got our butts kicked in our last game (UCONN). We’re going to try to earn back that respect.”

“Our leadership is very good right now. It really is.” 

“We do have a good group of freshman out there. At least 4 of the 5 second-team offensive line are freshman.“

“I haven’t been hard on him (Stephen Garcia) at all. One of our writers thinks I’ve have just because I haven’t praised him all year. Our last game, he didn’t have a very good game. I didn’t have a very good game, either. Be hard on me too if you want to. Stephen has been told what’s expected. He’s trying. Nobody is mad at Stephen.”

You can watch Spurrier and Ellis Johnson's interviews here.

“I think all of our players realize now that there are back-up players now. Like I said earlier, we now have more players ready to play maybe ever since I’ve been here. If a player doesn’t play like we ask him to play, we try the next guy. Our job is to put the best players out there.”

“A lot of guys didn’t appear they wanted to play in the game (UCONN). We gotta find the real guys that really want to play the game, whether it’s 0 degrees or 100 degrees.“

“I’m not big on praising guys before they play, but Marcus (Lattimore) certainly is a natural tailback that can do a lot of things. He can run with power, run with jukes, he can catch the ball out of the backfield, he can block linebackers. He has the opportunity to be a really good player for us.”

“We’re really thinking about the Southern Miss game. Their coach has already said he expects to beat us here.”