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Spurrier: 'The woods is full of coaches who talk about how hard they work'

As far as work hours go, head coaches can be basically split up into two categories, they are either "grinders" who put in long hard hours and expect their staff to do the same, or "be efficient with your time, and get home to your family" type of guys.

Steve Spurrier is one of those head coaches that certainly leans toward the efficient use of time category, and at a recent basketball game where the football team was recognized, he was cornered by reporters and asked about his thoughts on guys who "brag about 100 hour work weeks and sleep on their couch".

The old ball coach answered without a filter, which is what we've all come to love.

"The woods is full of coaches who told everyone how hard they work." Spurrier explained.

"The bottom line is what your record is, are your players graduating, and are they good citizens and so forth. That's how you get judged as a coach, not how many hours you work."

Take that advice (and some of this from some very well respected coaches at the grad assistant forum during the AFCA convention) , and you'll be in good shape come evaluation time.