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Stanford assistant Greg Roman describes Bud Foster's defense

Stanford assistant head coach for offense Greg Roman had some interesting comments leading up to the Orange Bowl against Virginia Tech.

Roman explained that one of Stanford’s themes on offense is, “It takes all eleven.”

Roman said, “We’re going to do whatever we have to do to be effective at running the football. That’s one of our themes. ‘It takes all eleven.’ All eleven guys on offense are very involved in running the football, probably more so than other teams.”

Asked about the west coast perception of Bud Foster’s defense, Roman said, “I don’t think their reputation is geographically limited. I remember when I was coaching in the NFL and I was evaluating an offensive player, if I had a chance to watch them against Virginia Tech, I made sure I did.”

Roman had an interesting way of describing the Virginia Tech defense. He was very complimentary of the Bud Foster's defense.

“The thing that stood up to me was that they are always going to have eleven sets of eyes on the ball on every single play. They are always watching the ball, always rallying to the ball. Their secondary has really stood out with their ability to make plays on the ball.”

“I would say their secondary as a whole is extremely talented in a sense that they have shown really good instincts and ball skills. I think Andrew would agree, you can’t just throw lollipops up there against this secondary because they are going to come down with it.”

"We go into every game saying that we are going to player harder than the other team. And that's going to be a given. It's a goal of ours. Obviously against Virginia Tech, that's going to be a challenge because they play so hard. We're going to really have to amp up our game."

Here’s the 24 minute video of Roman and Andrew Luck answering questions from the media: