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Stanford, Northwestern, Penn State, and BC stand alone

We beg your pardon for starting the day with an article that even mentions NCAA violations. It’s not our style.

At least there is a positive side to this story…if you are one of four major conference athletic departments in the country.

According to the NCAA, only four athletic programs from major conferences have not been in violation of any major rules since 1953.

Congratulations to Boston College, Northwestern, Penn State, and Stanford.

Yes, you are being singled today by the Wall Street Journal, the single largest newspaper in the United States, for doing what is expected.

You do have an advantage, however. As the WSJ points out, “Three of the four innocents from major conferences (Boston College, Northwestern and Stanford) have a built-in advantage: As private schools, they're not required to comply with the Freedom of Information Act—a tool reporters have used to uncover wrongdoing at some public institutions.”

So congratulations to Penn State, the one major athletic department including a high profile football program that complies with the Freedom of Information Act, yet has still found a way to not get caught red handed.