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State legislator tries to force Arkansas-Arkansas State game, fails

When state legislators get involved in college football, silliness usually follows suit. In January we posted how the Georgia state government took it upon themselves to honor Louisville for its Sugar Bowl win, which just so happened to be at the expense of Florida. And who could forget Congresswoman Corrine Brown's tribute to Florida's 2006 national championship?

This time around, Arkansas state representative Andy Mayberry stepped up to the podium, and he wanted to do some good. Mayberry wanted his state's major college football programs, Arkansas and Arkansas State, to meet on the gridiron. He even went as far to create a website in an effort to force the matchup. Mayberry even threw a charity benefit into the mix and, according to him, 52 percent of those asked said they wanted the Razorbacks and Red Wolves to meet. 

It didn't work. According to John Lyon of the Arkansas News Bureau, the House Rules Committee rejected House Bill 2274 on the grounds that it wasn't the state government's job to force college football scheduling policy. 

Arkansas and Arkansas State have never met on the field. Don't expect that to change in the near future.