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Stealing signals, old tricks, Oregon's mindset, advice from HOF coach

Doc Holliday says Ohio U was stealing signals: "Ohio, they've done it for years, (they were) stealing signals. They have a coach, that was all he was doing was trying to get our signals and we were just making sure it didn't happen."

Lane Kiffin responds to Sarkisian’s comment that USC is the deepest team in the PAC-10: "That's an old Lou Holtz trick he heard, to call a team that has the least amount of scholarship players the deepest. Our special teams have guys from the science class."

Bobby Bowden’s advice to Mark Richt after 0-3 start in SEC: “Just stay the course. It's all you can do. All you can do is stay the course and recruit better. It's all you can do. Whoever has the best players is gonna win, unless you screw it up. Now you can screw it up - the coach can screw it up. But if I've got better players than you, you ain't gonna whip me. Unless I blow it. And if you've got better players than me, I can't beat you unless you blow it. Mark's just gotta stay the course and keep recruiting. Keep recruiting.”

Chip Kelly explains Oregon’s mindset: “The whole mindset of our football team is we don’t worry about things we can’t control. Just tell me when we’re playing and we’ll go play.”

“We started school this week. It’s a little bit different. It’s important for us to get into a new rhythm.”

Ellis Johnson talks about Gamecocks performance against Auburn: "I just thought we were totally confused all the time. We never looked like we were sure of what we were doing."

"A lot of it was we were out of position. Then, when we were in position, I tell you what, we couldn't get him on the ground. I don't think it was fatigue; a lot of times, I just think it was poor tackling."

Texas A&M DC on the notion he has Dana Holgorsen’s number: "This year is a different year with different players, and he's done a great job up there. We've got to play well to have a chance. If you don't, they'll embarrass you and hang half a hundred on you in a hurry."

Frank Bearmer’s terse response when asked about throwing the ball 2 of 74 plays inside the red zone: "Well, did you count the number of wins we had? Did you throw that stat in there?”