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Steve Addazio all about preparing to win in November

Temple head coach Steve Addazio got his first taste of MAC Football Media Day this morning in Detroit.

In short, it sounds like lacking toughness is not an option if you’re going to play under the former Florida offensive coordinator / offensive line coach.

Addazio said, “It’s going to take toughness. You have to be a physically and mentally tough team to win in November. We’re trying to train ourselves to be a strong team in November.”

“How do you do it? It’s called the mental grind. It’s called every day. You’re training, you’re working on those things that we value as a team, which are mental and physical toughness.”

“You gotta be a football team. You gotta be able to count on each other, pull for each other. When it gets hard at the end of the season and there are injuries, you gotta be able to rely upon those guys who maybe didn’t have as many reps early on, but they were in the game and preparing hard. It’s all the evolution of a football team. Winning in November has a lot to being physically and mentally tough.”

“Those are all the marks of a strong football team.”

Addazio reiterated his plan to continue to bring marquee program to Philadelphia. A year ago, Temple defeated UCONN in Philadelphia.

This year, the Owls will host Penn State, Toledo, and Army.

Addazio said, “That’s our footprint. We are in the greatest sports city in the country in Philadelphia. We are going to play some of the elite programs in the country. It makes the excitement in college football. That’s what we’re all about; we want to keep building that culture in Philadelphia.”