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Why deny taking a job when you are already accepting it?

This morning Steve Sarkisian appeared on KJR-AM in Seattle and was asked about his interest in the vacant USC job as word broke during the interview that the then-Washington head coach had spoken with his former employer with the position.

"I didn't interview for the job," Sarkisian said. "They've reached out to me. I talked to them. I'm not anywhere near along the course of taking that job or not and by no means am I there in that place at all. They reached out. I was a college football fan this weekend and got a chance to watch that game, and they had a tough loss to UCLA, a good UCLA team.

"Like I've always said and I'll continue to say: I've got a great job. I love my job here at the University of Washington. I'm fired up about where this program is headed and couldn't be more proud of the work we've done this year and can't wait to get started on next year. We've got one more game to win, I think we'll win that ninth game and I think we're building something special here."

Sarkisian was then asked if he expected conversation about his connection with the USC job to continue. "I don't know. I really don't know," Sarkisian said. "Again, I've never tried to speculate and talk about the hypothetical. I focus on what I can control and that's our football team and me going out recruiting today and my opportunity to go to the Seahawks-Saints game and be supportive of this community and the great things we have going on here."

Less than two later, of course, Sarkisian was USC's new head coach. 

Sarkisian issued a similar denial back in October, telling the Dan Patrick radio show, "I love my job. I hope I get to coach here longer than Don James did."

While it's one thing to issue a denial on a job in the middle of your own team's season, doing so on the very morning you accept that same job is another thing entirely.