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Stockstill bringing back the wishbone?

Rick Stockstill’s program at MTSU is featured today in USA TODAY. 

Stockstill, interestingly, says, "We're thinking of experimenting a little bit with the wishbone. It is the most experienced team we've ever had at the skill positions."

The fifth-year head coach returns experienced quarterback, Dwight Dasher, from a team that won 10 football games in 2009. 

Stockstill spoke of Dasher, "He's getting a lot of attention and had a really great season last year, but he just needs to drive the car. He doesn't need to do anything extraordinary. This is not a Dwight Dasher-or-bust team. He had good players around him, and he realizes that.”

"We just need Dwight to play within himself. We'd like to see him correct some of the careless mental mistakes he made last year, some of the poor throws (14 interceptions). Our hope is he matures and protects the ball a little more. But he knows now how to prepare mentally and physically for a game."

New offensive coordinator Mike Shultz (former TCU & Illinois offensive coordinator) will try to help the Blue Raiders defeat Troy for the first time since Stockstill arrived in Murfreesboro. Former Wisconsin assistant Randall McCray is also the new defensive coordinator.

MTSU hosts Minnesota in the season-open on Thursday, September 2nd. Troy travels to MTSU for a Tuesday night game on October 5th.