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Stockstill holds mock funeral to bury 2009 season

Rick Stockstill buried the 2009 season during a mock funeral with his players on Thursday night. 

A year ago, Stockstill led MTSU to a ten-win season and New Orleans Bowl championship over Southern Miss. But that’s in the past and Stockstill wants his team to lay it to rest.

Stockstill stated, "We're a hungry team. We're a team that's got a chip on our shoulder to go out and prove something. I don't think we have to address it. The only reason we did that little mock funeral was just to make sure this is the start of a new season. 2009 is behind us, and now ... how is this team going to be remembered?"

"As a coach, your expectations are to win games. We had those expectations every year. I just want to start 1-0 and then move on to the next game. It gives your program credibility. Only two teams went undefeated and only 21 teams won 10 games. It is hard, but I embrace the challenge."

MTSU hosts Minnesota on Thursday September 2nd. The game will be air live on ESPNU.