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Stoops changes defense, Schiano frustrated, Manny Diaz thrilled

Bob Stoops say OU changed defensive scheme against Oklahoma State: “We got in a little bit of an odd look front more than we ever have. It worked out well for us. The kids really executed well. Brent did a nice job of mixing that in and going to a 50 front a lot more than we were used to going to it.”

“Give the players credit. The defense was sensational.”

Dana Holgorsen compliments Oklahoma coaches: “They schemed a few things that got to us. They've got pretty good players, and they got to us a little bit.”

Rutgers head coach Greg Schiano very frustrated with 5-game losing streak: "Certainly, I feel their frustration. There's no one on the planet that's more frustrated than I am. That's where it starts. Can I feel their frustration? Fifty times over. They're frustrated but then they go do a job or they go back to their family or they do something.”

"My frustration doesn't end. So yeah, I feel their frustration. I can tell you this. I'm betting that the Rutgers' people, the real Rutgers' fans are going to stick with this football team and this coaching staff because we're going to get this fixed.”

"This isn't the end of the world. It's disappointing. It's sad that it had to happen. But this program is built on a rock solid foundation. This storm won't knock us off that foundation and we'll come back stronger. That's what I say to the fans.”

"We'll be back. The true fans will stick with us. The bandwagon fans will be there when we win again. That's life. I don't have an ill-feelings towards that. I'm in a profession that's a very competitive profession. It's entertainment. And when it doesn't go well, people aren't entertained. I understand that.”

Bobby Petrino explains decision to go-for-it on 4th & 3 at LSU 39 with 14 minutes to play leading 21-20, play resulted in TD: "I called (assistant) coach (John L.) Smith over one time and asked him what he thinks, should we punt it or go for it? I worked for coach Smith for a long time (at Louisville), and we had a saying: 'We didn't come to paint. We came to win a game.' So we went for it.”

"We had problems last year against LSU in similar situations. They come all out at you with a house blitz, cover you with man coverage and sit at the sticks (the first-down marker), especially the safety on Joe. He gave the safety a double move, and it was a great throw."

Mississippi State defensive coordinator Manny Diaz explains key to outstanding defensive performance against Ole Miss: