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Stoops flys to Bristol for ESPN "car wash"

Bob Stoops is spending today in Bristol, CT going through the ESPN “car wash.”

Stoops answered questions on Mike & Mike, First Take, The Doug Gottlieb Show, Sportscenter Live, and taped a handful of other segments.

Regarding the Sooners’ brutal early season schedule, Stoops said, “Four games in a row we have Florida State, Air Force, which is coming off a big bowl win, go to Cincinnati, then Texas. That’s really tough. It’s really challenging. I always say it’s great as long as you win and you don’t get your quarterback hurt. Anything other than that everyone ends up saying, ‘Well you shouldn’t have played it’ or you’re penalized (by losing). It’s tough. It’s challenging. It is what it is. We’ll go play it.”

Regarding agents, Stoops responded, “Something has to change. Not everybody, but sometimes agents are getting their information on young players from somebody, usually from scouts. In the end it’s being used against you. Hopefully we’ll get some cooperation through the NFL. There needs to be sanctions against these agents and players even after they’ve left college.”

The Sooners host Utah State on September 4th.