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Strange & funny video: Paul Rhoads visits Wally World

We’re still trying to figure this one out.

Late last night, a loyal FootballScoop viewer emailed in a video of Iowa State head coach Paul Rhoads.

No, it’s not the increasingly popular on-field mic’d up segment. It’s not a post-practice media session with reporters. It’s not one of Rhoads’ terrific post game locker room speeches.

This video is of Paul Rhoads reenacting Chevy Chase's famous trip to Wally World. Currently, the video has been viewed slighly less than 1000 times.

We don't think it will end up being viewed 319,000 times like Rhoads' locker room speech after defeating Nebraska, but we'll guess the views of this video will climb rapidly.

Watch the video. You’ll catch yourself saying, “What in the flip is that?”