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Sudden change: Working for a new AD before you coach your first game

Colorado head coach Mike MacIntyre says he can work with his new athletic director, whoever that person may be. The truth is, he has no other choice. 

In a less than ideal situation for everyone in the football program, a new boss will be walking in the door sooner or later after Mike Bohn's ouster on May 28. Before he and his staff coach their first game in Boulder, they'll already be working for their second athletic director.

"It doesn't affect me and my ability to do my job at this very point," MacIntyre told the Boulder Daily Camera. "I just don't have the relationship. So the new guy or the new woman that comes in, I'll need to build a relationship with and everything takes time to build relationships."

No matter how the spin, it's a less than ideal for any football coach to work for someone other than the person who hired you. Gone is someone who believed in you, your philosophy and your vision enough to hire you. Enter a new athletic director, and the role of the dice that follows any time you bring in someone that may have a totally different vision and values than his predecessor. 

The Buffs' athletic director isn't expected to arrive until August, so MacIntyre will form a new relationship on the fly as he gets fully underway doing the job he was brought to Colorado to do - raising a 1-11 program from the ashes. No big deal.