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Sumlin and staff sorting out the "pretenders"

The players at Texas A&M are adjusting to the new staff's expectations, and Kevin Sumlin and his staff have spent the first few practices sorting out the physical players from the pretenders.

“We’ve got some guys that, just like any other time, are coming to the forefront, physical guys that like to play. And we’ve had some guys that are pretenders. Not very tough, we’ve got to figure out a way over the next couple weeks to develop some mental and physical toughness.” Sumlin said last week.

After practice yesterday, he noted marked improvement in the attitude and held a meeting to talk about the direction that they're heading. Sumlin's message was simple, they may not be ready to take the field just yet, but their tempo and attitude have made significant progress in a handful of practices.

“By no means are we ready to play a game but our attitude was better, our tempo was better and I think our want-to was better.”