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Sumlin explains how they mentally prepare for their bowl game

Some coaching staffs like to grind it out on the field with their guys when it comes to preparing for a bowl game, while others want to have fun, stay focused, spread their practices out, and enjoy the experience.

Yesterday, Kevin Sumlin explained that he likes to keep things light and fun at practice and that it's important to not begin bowl prep too early on in the process..

"I use the approach that we have a lot of practices, for not very long." Sumlin said, noting that their last practice went for about a hour.

The primary focus for the Aggies was to get healthy, after playing their 12 game schedule in 12 straight weeks (including 8 SEC games), most of the older guys enjoyed some much needed down time to get healthy, while the younger players got some extra reps. The combination of those two approaches allows for both sides to get amped up for the bowl game.

Sumlin says that the real excitement starts when you actually arrive on site for the bowl game.

"You can implement your game plan too early. People get bored. Believe it or not there's a lot of practices without a whole lot going on."

"It's all about how you handle your preparation before you get to the bowl site." Sumlin explained.

Sumlin and the Aggies will take on Oklahoma in the Cotton Bowl on January 4th at 8pm ET on FOX. Both teams come into the game at 10-2.