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Sumlin explains the late start to Spring

Kevin Sumlin sat down with 12th Man TV to talk about his first spring as the head coach in College Station recently, explaining why they chose to start spring ball later than usual and his insight on the battle at the quarterback position.

Sumlin explains that he felt that the March 31st start for spring ball would give the team some additional time in the weight room with director of football sports performance Larry Jackson, and the rest of the strength staff, and would be a huge asset down the road both philosophically and physically.

Sumlin also felt that it was vital to give the new staff as much time as possible around each other to get everyone on the same page. Most importantly though, Sumlin felt making the change gradual for the players to get use to the new staff was a decision that will pay dividends.

There's also a good clip at the end with special teams coordinator Brian Polian where he explains his special teams philosophy, starting with avoiding the big play so that they "don't have to hear the other band playing".