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Sumlin refuses to update QB's injury status: College football is not pro football

Kevin Sumlin refuses to give an update on the injury status of quarterback Case Keenum leading up to Saturday’s game at UCLA. Keenum left the UTEP game in the 3rd quarter with an undisclosed injury, some reports suggest a mild concussion.

This morning, Sumlin told 1560 The Game, “I said Sunday that I wasn’t talking about it or giving an update any other day. It’s not any different than any other policy I’ve had for any other player. We just don’t update injuries.”

“College football is not pro football. We don’t have to update injuries. It would be different if the policy since I’ve been here would have changed just for Case. It’s unfortunate that certain people here in town think we’re trying to hide something. We’re not trying to hide anything.” 

Sumlin also stressed that UCLA is UCLA and they have more talented players than Houston. The third-year head coach totally brushed off the Cougars possibly overlooking the 0-2 UCLA Bruins.

“Look, you guys make a big deal out of that. You turn the tape on and are they more talented than us? Yes. They have players that we haven’t seen. They’re backs are against the wall. We are going to get their best shot. It’s still UCLA, still the home of a hundred national championships, and they got really good players and they’re at a place they are going to play as hard as they can possibly play.”

Kick-off at the Rose Bowl is set for 10:30 pm EST on FSN.