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Sumlin: The move to the SEC has separated us

Kevin Sumlin talked with radio host Paul Finebaum yesterday and spent some time explaining the benefits he and his staff have noticed on the move from the Big 12 to the SEC.

One of the biggest differences is the reception that they've been getting out on the recruiting train.

"Quite frankly, the move to the SEC has really, really, in the state, kind of separated us. I think it's really given a clear choice to prospective students and student-athletes here in the state, given that you have the Big 12, you have the Big East and the SEC and I think that there's some clear differences between the leagues. I've seen the change in recruiting. There are guys out there that understand that the SEC is, without a doubt, the best conference, the best league to play in, particularly when it comes to football."

Sumlin pointed out that most importantly, the move separated them from their in state rival Texas. The new conference platform gives them an opportunity to play in the toughest football conference in the country with, arguably, the best players.

"I was here 10 years ago, and the recruitment in the state...guys would make decisions to go to Austin, they'd come to College Station, go to Norman, go to a couple places, and we're all playing in the same league. As I said, the separation being in the SEC has given guys a clear choice."

As Sumlin sees it, what separates the SEC from the rest of the power conferences is a mix of the recent number of draft choices, great television exposure, and their overall player development.

"Guys that obviously want to play in the NFL, the caliber of players that are in the SEC and the stigma of playing in the league has really, really benefited us, in particular, not only in the class we signed in February, but I think right now where we are in recruiting, there is no doubt it's helped us."