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Sumlin: We've gone to a Nolan Richardson style program, press you from all angles

Houston head coach Kevin Sumlin wants his team to attack offensively, defensively, and in the kicking game.

On Wednesday morning, Sumlin told 1560 AM The Game, “We’ve kind of gone to maybe a Nolan Richardson style program. We’re going to press you from all angles from the time we kick the ball off to the final horn.”

“Our defense now matches our overall scheme. We’re pretty aggressive on offense. Obviously, we’ve blocked 12 kicks the last two years on special teams and returned a bunch of kicks.”

“We’re going to play 12 or 13 true freshman this year. We’re building depth, but we’re not there yet.” 

“It’s not necessarily what a coach says all the time. It’s what your players believe. We’ve got a bunch of guys that believe they are pretty good, but they know they have a lot to prove. Like I said, we are not in the Top 25, so there is a bunch of people out there that don’t expect us to do much anyway.”

“I really believe we’re going to take a step this year defensively. The key to that is, and it sounds kind of simple, but you gotta get the right players on the field in the right place.”