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Sumlin's guys are 10-0

Houston is 10-0 and ranked #11 in the current BCS standings. 

We hear that the College Gameday crew will be in town this weekend as the Cougars host SMU which should be an entertaining game (this is the first time in school history that Gameday is coming to UH). Kevin Sumlin and his staff have put together quite a season and if they can beat SMU and win at Tulsa, they will be 12-0 and would host the Conference USA championship game...and then hopefully play in a BCS bowl. 

The challenge they are going to have on that front is with their schedule. Of the 10 teams they have beaten this season, only Louisiana Tech at 6-4 has a winning record. 1 out of 10 opponents with a winning record. How is that even possible? Thankfully, SMU and Tulsa will add to the "strength of schedule" component.

So, how good is this team? Statistically speaking, they're pretty darn good. #1 in scoring offense, #1 in total offense, #1 in passing offense...#41 in scoring defense, #3 in tackles for loss, #25 in sacks...#13 in turnover margin, #5 in net punting, #8 in punt returns....and on and on. 

As we all know, it's incredibly difficult to go undefeated through an entire season. Sumlin has his guys playing at a very high level. It will be interesting to see if they can win them all.