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Sunday afternoon Coaches Quick Hits

Arizona head coach Mike Stoops says his program is changing: "I'm speechless right now trying to figure out what just happened out there. This win was great in a lot of different ways. We got to see the character of the players develop before our eyes. I'm really proud that everyone managed to compete, and when they were challenged, they challenged right back."

"Our program is changing, and I don't know if people realize how good a team Iowa really is. We knew, and the kids knew."

"We are a different team inside and out this year. We have to earn our respect, and last year we lost some of it (respect) with some of our losses, and this will all be for naught if we don't start off conference play strong when Cal comes to town next week."

Art Briles embarrassed about 45-10 loss to TCU: “We didn't do a whole lot right; I didn't do a whole lot right. I feel embarrassed for Baylor University, but we are going to fight our tail off and get it right. We aren't going to let this be the thing that defines us in 2010."

“I have been saying all along that they are a really good football team, but the thing that bothers me is that we never really challenged them much. We never really put ourselves in a position to put pressure on them, and that's something we have to get better at doing."

Air Force head coach Troy Calhoun not interested in close in Norman: "Our guys are not interested in close. We have the makings to have a quality football team. As we go play over these next nine games, most important is to recover, rejuvenate and make Monday a good day for us."

Dan Hawkins received a bloody head in pre-game due to head-butt: "We got a little hyped before the game," Hawkins said. "But I'm an old fullback. I'm used to playing with a bloody nose."

Jeff Tedford impressed with Nevada: "If I had a vote, I'd vote for them. They'd be competitive in the Pac-10."

Mark Dantonio talks about game-winning fake field goal: “I didn’t want to put the pressure on Dan, I wanted to put it on me - and us. We played the best football team we’ve played so far and came out on top. You have to have the mindset you will have risk for reward. If it didn’t work, everyone would be second-guessing me. But I said a prayer - and it worked.”

Urban Meyer still not pleased: “That’s not good enough. This offense, minus (Tim) Tebow, you’ve got to find ways to run the ball because we’re going to be a physical team. I was not overly pleased with the way we ran the ball in this game.”

“Are we good enough to win at Neyland Stadium? That’s all I’m worried about. Can we beat Kentucky at home? I don’t know yet. Flip the coin, man.”

Cutcliffe disappointed after 62-13 loss to Alabama: “When you play a team like that. I think our kids understand what you have to do things like tackle and make plays.

“And we didn’t pass the test, plain and simple. You don’t just put that one behind you. Yeah, you put the results of it behind you, but you don’t put what caused the results behind you.”

“That’s probably the most disappointing thing amongst many things is that we didn’t get better in the second half. That’s a laundry list of things that needs to be addressed as a head coach.”

Lane Kiffin says Trojans can enjoy Minnesota win: "The team needed to enjoy it. We are 3-0. It was the first time I felt they deserved to sing. They'd been waiting for it."

"It's not perfect. (But) we've got to learn to enjoy wins better."

Houston Nutt talks about Rebels after 28-14 loss to Vandy: "We are going to put the ball in his (Masoli’s) hands because of our younger offensive line.”

“You can't play like that in the SEC; you can't do it. We got to get better in short yardage. I know we are young inside but we have always been able to get one or two yards. We have got to get better at that. I feel like we left a lot of points on the field today."

Sumlin talks about 31-13 loss to UCLA: “It doesn’t boggle your mind; it’s football. In different seasons, things happen, and it’s unfortunate. That’s just how things kind of happened.”

“We’re disappointed in how we played. We didn’t handle situations very well — offensively and defensively. We played in spurts, and that’s not good enough.”

Rich Rod concerned about Wolverines: "You can't be upset with a win but you can be upset with the way you played, and we did not play well. We didn't play well at all defensively. Special teams were awful, and on offense we made a few mistakes that killed us."

Gundy talks about 65-28 win over Tulsa: “Tulsa’s choice was to not let us run and drop both safeties down and play with a single safety, so it forced us into more of a pass situation than we had been accustomed to early in the year. I thought the offensive staff made a nice adjustment and Brandon handled things very well.”

“For me to say anything other than we were hitting on all cylinders wouldn’t really be fair. I don’t want to take anything away from Tulsa. We just had a good night and had a good plan and things worked.”

Phil Fulmer slams Lane Kiffin on CBS half-time show: "And often his arrogant attitude turned people off. The bigger question in my opinion is how does a guy like this end up with two jobs with historic football teams like Tennessee and USC?"

Troy head coach Larry Blakeney following 34-33 loss to UAB on 50-yard hail-mary: "It was almost like a bad dream. It seemed like all day long it was headed right toward where it ended up. For some reason, we couldn't get off a number (on the scoreboard) and we had them 99 yards away and they did exactly what they had to do. Great job by them." 

Quoting Arkansas DC Willy Robinson: “We won. We responded to negative situations. We came back. We fought hard. We’re going to celebrate this win.”

Quoting Will Muschamp: “(Texas Tech) ran some picks and we were running a lot of pressure early in the game. As the game grew on, we felt really good about our four-man rush and our plays down the field as players like Curtis (Brown) came off and covered them well. That’s what we ended up doing in the second half and it was effective.” 

Quoting Urban Meyer: “I think that’s who we are right now. You remember the ’06 team we had, the ’05 team we had? We don’t win a game if defense and special teams [don 't step up]. . . . At times this offense is looking pretty good. However, we’re nowhere where we need to be.”

SMU head coach June Jones talks about his DC Tom Mason: "He's not an authoritarian-type, a little bit more personable. But he knows how to get on their rear ends, and he also knows how to love 'em up. He's a people guy, and he works at it. Everybody [in coaching] puts in the time. But the players have got to step up for the guy, and our defensive guys have done that."

Despite 20-19 loss at Wisconsin, Dennis Erickson pleased with special teams: "Special teams-wise, we dominated the football game. It was unbelievable the things that we did on special teams. We've improved so much there."

Dooley will not sugar-coat anything. That's for sure: