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Sunday morning Coaches Quick Hits

Some interesting quotes from aroung the country:

Quoting TCU head coach Gary Patterson: "Defense terrible. Every job is open. We gave up almost 600 yards today."

Quoting Mack Brown: "I do think this could be our best defense. We should be really, really good on defense."

Quoting Will Muschamp: "There no such thing as a cover corner. You have to play physical in this game."

Quoting Nick Saban: “The offense is way ahead of the defense. I don’t defensively (that) we played very well at all. We didn’t tackle. We didn’t finish. We’ve got to grow up. We didn’t have the intensity we needed (on defense) and that’s all 11 of them.”

Quoting Arizona State head coach Dennis Erickson: “Overall, since I've been here, it's probably the best first scrimmage that we've had. Particularly our offensive front, that first group played pretty well. I thought offensively for the first time it was well executed.”

Quoting BYU head coach Bronco Mendenhall: "Too early to say. I will watch the film. Anything I say today regarding the quarterbacks will be really well thought out and really well-evaluated. I will have to go watch them and will be able to tell you later in the week, or at the beginning of the week, what I thought. I thought it was an excellent day. I thought we were able to see a lot of really good things."

Quoting Bobby Petrino: “We wanted to come out and be physical and I thought there were times in the scrimmage we were physical on both sides of the ball,” Petrino said. “I didn’t think it was good enough.”

Quoting Minnesota head coach Tim Brewster: "I'm pleased that we got 117 plays in today. We came out of the scrimmage healthy. We had a chance to evaluate a bunch of young guys. I saw some really good things. Overall, it was a very important day for us from a development standpoint. I feel like we accomplished what we set out to do. "

"I thought we ran the ball well. Defensively, I thought we really ran to the ball well. We attacked the football. I feel like there were a lot of good things. But there are a lot of things we need to clean up. At this point, we're 19 days out and we've got a lot of work to do in a short period of time. But I like the urgency with which our players were working."

Quoting Gene Chizik: "We cut down on the mental mistakes in terms of penalties and things, it was much better. That was what we were looking for, a noticeable improvement from scrimmage one to scrimmage two. I think we got that today."

Quoting Les Miles: (on true freshman QB Zach Lee) "He's going to know what to do. He comes onto the field with that. He gets the ball where it's supposed to be. He's a team guy. He understands what he needs to. He's got a quarterback mentality. It's very difficult for me to predict where he might end up."

"He's very bright. He has great moxie. He's going to know what to do. He understands the position really well. He'd be a guy certainly that will compete to play snaps this fall."

(on if Lee will redshirt) "Nooo. We would well have had he come in like, 'Gee willikers, gosh, this is really.' But no, he came right in, is picking it up, understands it and is very bright."

Quoting Marshall defensive coordinator Chris Rippon: “The strength of our team is our defensive line. Potentially, they are a BCS conference defensive line. Athletically, every one of them would walk into a BCS camp and they would say, 'Yes, come. We want you.' And they'd run the tires and all that other stuff and they'd say, 'Wow, we've got us one.'”

Quoting Syracuse head coach Doug Marrone: "We’re looking for multiple uses from that position (tight end). We’ve got some players who can run at that position, which I think is important. It can open things up on the perimeter, and I think it keeps people honest down the middle of the field. But we also have some big targets, which is always good for the quarterback. You’ve got to have the combination, and that’s a hard thing to find."

Quoting Lane Kiffin: (on trying to replica past USC teams) “We do it a lot. We talk that way. We show them the film. I think we’d be crazy not to. If something was really successful like it was here before, why not try to have the same product? Why not try to get the same type of pieces. We try to do that in the recruiting classes. We tried to move people into those slots and recruit that way. It worked before. If we can figure out that magic formula we had here before, I think we’ll all be happy. You even see it with jersey numbers. Robert will go into [Steve Smith’s old] No. 2 next year when C.J. [Gable] is gone as well.”

Quoting Dabo Swinney: “I thought the offense performed well. Very crisp. I don’t think we had a single penalty with our first two groups. I thought it was a very good performance today offensively. “

“Defensively, and we were down a couple of guys today, but it looked like there were some busts on defense, but good offenses will make you do that and I think we have a good offense. We did have a big stop of 4th and inches, so that was good.” 

“I'm pleased where we are right now, but we’re not game-ready yet.” 

Missouri beat writer Dave Matter writes: “In every Pinkel scrimmage I can recall covering, the first play from scrimmage starts from the worst field position imaginable, the offense’s 1-yard line.”

Dan Mullen to ESPN: Dan Mullen will be in Bristol, CT on Wednesday for the ESPN “car wash.”

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