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Super Bowl figures

Sunday's Super Bowl is expected to draw the largest audience ever, even more than last years 111 million viewers that tuned in for the Packers and Steelers game.

The National Football Post released some interesting facts and figures for the big game. For example, the winning players will receive a $88,000 pay day, while the losing players will collect $44,000. If the Giants win, the players will have earned $172,000 throughout the course of the playoffs, and the Patriots will earn 22,000 less ($150,000) with a win, due to their first round bye.

The big payday will go to NBC who will earn over $250 million in advertising alone.

If your still hoping to score tickets, the cheapest ticket is selling for $2,100 while the top end of the scale tips at $15,000. A luxury box for 35 people will set you back $650,000. To find a hotel room, you'll have to take a look at hotels an hour outside Indy, and many of them are charging up to 7 times their typical rate.