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Swarbrick: Strength of schedule should matter

Notre Dame has historically fielded one of the toughest schedules in the country year in and year out, and athletic director Jack Swarbrick wants to make sure that strength of schedule is taken into consideration when determining what four teams will compete for the national title under the new playoff system.

Much like the selection committee for the NCAA basketball tournament, Swarbick wants an emphasis to be placed the strength of schedule, along with other important factors that determine a teams success throughout the course of the season.

"One of the things we like so much about that is as much as this happened in basketball in the past decade, the selection committee will send a real message about strength of schedule. If you choose not to challenge yourself, especially in the pre-conference games, it's going to impact your rating. That's another way we think we're contributing to the vibrancy of the regular season through this process." 

Swarbrick also noted that he wants to see the committe made up of people that understand the game and have at least a basic knowledge of all 121 teams. He believes that eventually the committee will be comprised of representatives of each conference, and then individuals with extensive football knowledge, but no specific conference affiliation.

"We want the sort of sophisticated analysis that says you know this team lost their first game, but their quarterback didn't play the last three quarters. The rest of their season they were undefeated, so if you factor that in, maybe they're a top-four team in the country. We want to have that level of sophistication."

However it all gets ironed out, we'll see this system in place for 12 years starting in 2014, meaning any additional changes won't take place until 2026.