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Barry Switzer: How to compete for a national title

Spencer Hall sat down with an interview with Barry Switzer, and what he got was a whole lot of good content from the legendary head coach.

When Switzer was asked about the current playoff talk and if he would consider sitting on a committee to determine the teams that would be selected, Switzer had one question...would it pay?

"First thing I'm asking is 'Do they pay?' I made $24,000 a year when I was a coach. Bob Stoops makes five million a year nowThink about that. I didn't make anything, we win two national titles back to back, have two undefeated seasons back to back, and I'm making $24,000 a year. Because I went to a bowl game, I got an extra month's salary."

Switzer also weighed in on the evolution of the game over the years and his take on how it's being controlled.

"I worry about the rules taking away the aggression of defensive football players. We want to protect players, but by golly don't take away 11 players on defense getting after one guy who's got the ball. You've got to chase it with a bad attitude. You're going to have that, and you're going to have injuries. Don't legislate away the aggressiveness and the toughness of playing defensive football. I worry about that a little bit."

He also sees a pattern on who wins the national title...teams that can run the football, like Alabama did last year.

"They do it with the running game. You can go deep with the ball if you want to, but you've got to be able to run the ball and play great defense. You take a team with a playbook like the one Tom Osborne had in the '90s, and you can compete for national championships every year."

"Line up and run the ball north and south out of the I-formation with a split end attack or a tight end attack, and run the option at the corner of the defense attacking the perimeters, and you've got the best offense there is with the play-action passing game. When you can run the ball like Tom Osborne did, you've got people running wide open. They don't do that anymore, and people who do that win football games."

Switzer added that the most successful team that operates that way in today's game is Oregon, and their success speaks for itself.

"I don't think you can line it up pure wishbone and run it every down like I did. We'd never ever throw and put up 500 yards on people. I don't think you can do that anymore, but I promise you the best play in football is the option, and being able to run the football and play defense gives you the best chance to win a football game. Control the clock, keep it way from those high-powered offenses. You do that by having great players and by sticking with it instead of just getting trendy and doing something else like everyone wanting to throw the football."