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Syracuse DC Scott Shafer explains coaching moves

Syracuse head coach Doug Marrone has shifted around his defensive coaching personnel in hopes of expediting the process of development of a core group of young players on defense.

The moves start up front where defensive line coach Jimmy Brumbaugh will now coach only the defensive tackles. Central Michigan defensive line coach Tim Daoust has been hired to coach the defensive ends.

Defensive coordinator Scott Shafer will now direct the defensive backs, while John Anselmo moves to outside linebackers. Dan Conley will remain with the linebackers, focusing on the inside players.

Shafer explained the personnel moves to by saying, “It kind of goes back, for me, to when I was at Stanford (defensive coordinator in 2007). This is how we did it. And we got more productivity because we had more coaching going on.”

“We've got to shore it up, up front. Because you win and lose up front. We definitely have a big task on our hands, because we have a bunch of new faces and jerseys out there that people aren't going to recognize.”

“When you have more guys at the interchangeable positions, then you get a little more technique-specific coaching, which is why I was looking at sliding the people around the way we have.”

“At the first level (line of scrimmage) with looking at where we are, losing a bunch of D-tackles this past year, now we say to ourselves, 'How can we bring the young kids along best.' And that's when we decided it might be smart to go to the system of having two defensive line coaches.”

The 2011 Syracuse non-conference schedule includes at USC, Toledo, at Tulane, Rhode Island, and Wake Forest.