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Syracuse players get iPads

Syracuse has announced that the football team will be receiving iPads to utilize in the classroom and on the road. Head coach Doug Marrone is "enamored" with the iPad's capabilities and wants to make sure his guys have every opportunity to succeed in the classroom.

'Cuse is one of a few schools, including Ohio State, to make iPads readily available to their student athletes. Last season, the Orange led the conference with an impressive 28 players on the Big East all academic team.

Max Miller, the team's senior academic coordinator explained, "I know that Coach Marrone has (an iPad), and was very enamored by the capabilities of it. He felt that it would be a good tool for our guys in the classroom."

Miller went on to explain that the iPad will allow students access to specific apps that will help improve their classroom performance by adapting to their learning styles. The technology will also allow the coaches and support staff immediate access to their "Blackboard", which reports their grades and allows players to keep their notes in one easy location.

"Some of the apps will be great for the guys. One is Dragon Dictation, which is a great app that dictates anything that you say. Another thing that will help with the word processing aspect is that the keyboard splits up. Some of our guys might not know how to type very well, but what they do know how to do is text. The keyboard pulls apart and serves as two texting keyboards."

"They can be anywhere and pull up their notes and PowerPoint's right in class so that they don't have to print out the paper forms. It's going to be a great tool for us to be able to monitor their grades, as well, because they can bring their Blackboard to us."

Players will also have access to audio of their lectures so that they can listen to them while on the road, something that will surely be an asset for the audio learners on the team. 

More and more schools and athletic programs are taking notice. The iPad is a game changer, on the field, and in the classroom.