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Syracuse HC Scott Shafer sends a tweet, and the Internet lights on fire

For those recruiting in other parts of the country and aren't aware, a winter storm unleashed its relentless fury on the city of Atlanta last night, enveloping the city in a sheet of ice overnight. The entire city shut down, cars were abandoned and highways were clogged.

Down in the shivering southern city on a recruiting trip, Syracuse head coach Scott Shafer for some reason thought it'd be a good idea to have some fun with it.

Southerners, frosty from a day and night stuck in their houses, did not see the humor. We'll start with Twitter's mayor of Atlanta, Spencer Hall:

Then, everybody else jumped on the pile:

Finally, Syracuse blog @NunesMagician jumped in to offer his head coach some cover.

On the plus side, perhaps all the steam blowing off the Southerners' collective heads will melt all the ice and end the madness. After all, Shafer's got some Atlanta recruiting to do.